This is my running notes of the tools BackTrack offers, how to use them etc. It will continually be updated the more I use and understand the tools.

Configure Wireless to Full Power

DHCP Starvation/Exhaustion Attack

This causes all leases to be taken which might crash the switch or router that you launch the attack against. Clients will not get new DHCP leases as all will be assigned.

  1. yersinia -g (launches graphical interface)
  2. Click on Launch Attack/DHCP Tab/Sending DHCP Discover PacketYersinia DHCP Starvation Exhaustion Attack

To protect against DHCP starvation enable port security on the router and limit the mac addresses per port.

CDP Flooding

Flood TCP advertisements to the switch or router which will cause high CPU load causing dropped packets to clients. – Warning: This can stop management of the router if it is not a powerful device

The following commands do not need to be run, it is only for Cisco routers to “see the effects”

Cisco Router


  1. yersinia -g (launches graphical interface)
  2. Launch attack/CDP Tab/Flooding CDP TableYersinia CDP Flooding

HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) Attack

This attack takes the active HSRP role, effectively changing the router you attack to “passive” and rejecting all connections. This is only effective in a multi router environment with HSRP enabled.

  1. yersinia -g (launches graphical interface)
  2. Launch Attack/HSRP/Become Active RouterYersinia HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol Attack

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