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1. Shell into the Openfiler server

2. Make a directory to mount VMtools

3. Start the VMware installation from the vSphere client

4. Mount the VMware tools to the directory created in step 2

5. Copy the tar of the tools to the /tmp folder

6.  Extract the tar file

7. Execute the tools installer

8. Keep answering “yes” to all questions

9. Reboot the system

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3 Responses to “How to Install VMware Tools on Openfiler 2.99”

  1. Derek Slenk

    One caveat – in ESX I had to set the OS type to “Other 2.6.x Linux (64 bit)”. I had originally set to “Other Linux (64 bit)” and ESX 6.7 detected it as a pre-2.5 kernel, and pooped out.


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