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Just a quick how to reset Linux accounts, very basic but for the newbies out there it might come in handy.

  1. # passwd <username>
    1. Example: # passwd test
  2. Type the new password twice

Okay so the basics are covered, lets go into something a little stronger – how to recover a root password.

Recover ROOT Password

GRUB Boot Loader

  1. Boot
  2. Select kernel
  3. Press the “e” key to edit the entry
  4. Seelct the second line (the line starting with the word kernel)
  5. Press the “e” key to edit kernel entry so that you can append single user mode
  6. Append the letter “s” (or word “Single”) to end the (kernel) line
  7. Press ENTER key
  8. Now press the “b” key to boot the Linux kernel into single user mode
  9. At the prompt type “passwd” command to reset password
  10. You need to mount at least / other partitions
    1. # mount -t proc proc / proc
    2. # mount -o remount,rw /
  11. Change the root password, enter
    1. # passwd
  12. Reboot
    1. # sync
    2. # shutdown -r now

LILO Boot Loader

  1. At LILO boot loader, type “linux single” and press enter
    1. Boot: linux single
  2. When you get the # prompt you need to type “passwd” to reset the root password
    1. # passwd
  3. Reboot
    1. # sync
    2. # shutdown -r now


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