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It has been around for years, the good people at Gibson Research Corportation have a great online tool that identifies open ports in a visual form, requested from the internal network.

This is really for people that don’t have an understanding of other tools e.g nmap.

The tool is called “Sheilds Up”, it allows you to execute a scan from the outside back your WAN IP. The type of scans can be based on the following port ranges:

  • File Sharing
  • Common Ports
  • All Service Ports
  • Messenger Spam
  • Browser Headers

You can also scan custom ports, examples are as follows

  • 21, 25,135 (certain ports seperated by commas)
  • 1-1024 (Port range from 1 to 1024)

An example is the following:

Shields Up Scan Results Example


A word of caution: If running this tool from a network where network monitoring happens, it will look like a port scan attack and could get you in trouble. Ensure you have proper authority or own the network you run this against.

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