Recently I had to create a vmdk disk to share between two Microsoft Clustering servers. The purposes was to be utilised for a Quorum disk and found it isn’t as simple as creating a disk and attaching to the other host.

This was done on a Microsoft 2008 R2 Server however it is dependent on operating system so make sure it is supported before doing this, or better yet, try it on a test environment!

In this example the servers will be called “Server1” and “Server2”. The servers will be hosted on different hosts and have a vmdk shared on a iscsi volume presented to both physical hosts.

  1. Log into the service console for ESX or SSH to one of the physical hosts.
  2. Run the following command “vmkfstools -c 1G -d eagerzeroedthick /vmfs/volumes/Full Path/QuourmDisk.vmdk -a lsilogic”
  3. Power off the guests you are working with. This cannot be done on the fly to the best of my knowledge. This also doesn’t work with the guests having snapshots.
  4. Edit Settings for Server1Server1 Properties
  5. Select “Hard Disk”
  6. Select “Use an existing virtual disk” and click “Next”
  7. Click “Browse”
  8. Browse to the location of where you created the vmdk and select the vmdk fileCreate Disk - Select Existing
  9. Click “Next”
  10. Change the SCSI controller this is located on, this will force the creation of a new SCSI controller. I changed from “SCSI (0:1)” to “SCSI (1:0)Create Disk - Advanced Settings
  11. Review the settingsCreate Disk - Ready to complete
  12. Click “OK”
  13. Click on the “New SCSI Controller”
  14. Select “Physical” on the right hand sideChange to physical
  15. Click “OK”
  16. Repeat the steps for the other virtual machine.

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