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I am getting mails sent to root on a fresh install of Debian 6 constantly telling me about RAID status changes, which is odd since the guest isn’t sitting on RAID 5 storage.

“This is a RAID status update from mpt-statusd.  The mpt-status program reports that one of the RAIDs changed state:” mpt raid status change

The root casue of is due to Debians way of detecting VMware’s ‘LSI Logic Parallel’ virtual disk controller, when creating default virtual machines the vmware wizard defaults to the SCSI controller ‘LSI Logic Parallel’ when instead it should be set to ‘LSI Logic SAS’. If it is set as ‘SAS’ Debain won’t try and install “mpt-status” therefore this alert never appears.

In order to disable the messages (and the daemon itself) do the following as root:

1. Change user to root

su - root

2. Stop the mpt-statusd Service

/etc/init.d/mpt-statusd stop

3. Stop mpt-statusd from running

echo RUNDAEMON=no > /etc/default/mpt-statusd

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