MS LogoIt happens with most things that come to market, there are usually a hidden secret or other uses for certain products, software is no exception, it’s always been there, you just have to know how to “access” it.

God Mode

Ever wanted one place that has all your settings for Microsoft Windows 7? To turn on “GodMode”, create a new folder on your desktop (or anywhere else) and name it: “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Don’t include the final period. A folder called “GodMode” will be created which will contain 270 items from virtually every configurable location around Microsoft Windows.GodMode Configuration Items

Enhanced Calculator

So I bet you are thinking what could possibly be so great about an “enhanced” calculator… that is exactly what I thought. Under the View menu, you have a wide selection of unit conversions (temperature, weight, area) etc. It even has worksheets to calculate mortgage payments, car fuel economy and vehicle lease.Enhanced Calc - Mortgage

Reliability Monitor

When your computer is flaking out, reliability monitor might help. Search for “reliability” from the start menu and click “View reliability history”.Reliability Monitor

Wipe Free Disk Space

When you delete files or folders from Windows, they aren’t actually “deleted” – this shouldn’t be a surprise to you I hope! There is a built in utility into Windows (even XP and Vista) that will overwrite all the free space on the hard drive, insuring any files you have deleted stay deleted. Launch the command prompt and type “cipher /w:X” where X is the drive letter you wish to run this across.cipher

Virtual WiFi

Microsoft Windows 7 has a built in adapter called “Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter”. This virtual adapter can act as a software-based access point; it takes wired or wireless network connections and makes it available as a separate wireless network.

This lets you create your own hotspot from whatever network you’re connected to, which can be handy in many different scenarios, including when you want to connect multiple devices to a WiFi network that charges for access. To take advantage of this feature you will need a copy of the free connectify software

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