How to export Citrix XenApp applications

I have had to rebuild a Citrix XenApp farm in the past, which was a long process of building the server, installing Citrix XenApp, installing the applications and republishing the applications in Citrix. I found one of the longest parts of the process is publishing all the applications from scratch. You might have “tweaked” certain settings or have a long list of access controls which can be annoying to set back up again.

A quick way to capture those settings is by exporting the published application to file so you have the ability to import later on.

  1. Log into Citrix AppCenter
  2. Expand “Applications”
  3. Locate the applications(s) you wish to export
  4. Right click -> Other Tasks -> Export Application settings to file -> Entire ApplicationExport Application
  5. Choose a location (create folders based on your Citrix folders)

You should end up with

A good folder path to use would be /%farm name%/%folder%/

If you only want to export the server list of the application (not sure why you would only want to do that) then right click on the application, go down to “other tasks” then “export application settings to a file” and click on “Server list only”. You will be prompted with a save as box with a location to save the file with the extension “asl”.

Obviously to import the applications back into Citrix XenApp from a .app file is to right click on the folder you wish to import the application into, move down to “other tasks” and click on “import new applications from file”.

You will once again, see your application with all settings imported into the folder you right clicked on.

This should be a fairly easy guide to follow, should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment below. If you like what you have read, please share it on your favourite social media medium.

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