How to identify volumes in Linux when virtualised through VMware

Recently I came upon a problem when expanding a volume on a Linux Suse distribution, when you have two disks of the same size it is hard to identify within VMware what disk is actually is.

It is easy if all the disks are a different size attached to the Linux machine but if you have two more more of the same size then it makes it a lot harder, my formula is as follows:

Match up the /dev/sd# to the SCSI target eg: 0:2 which can be matched up in the VMware vSphere console.

linux, df -h, filesystem, layout


Note: The disk highlighted in yellow is the disk I want to manage

The one above (sdb1) is the disk that is also the same size

Running the “ls -lash” command within the folder /sys/dev/block will give you output of the SCSI address

/sys/dev/block, ls


As I am trying to find the SCSI target of sdc, the way to interpret the data is:

../host0/target0:0:2/0:0:2:0/block/sdc = SCSI target 2

Note: SCSI targets start at zero, don’t forget this!

Now look for a disk attached as SCSI target 2 in vSphere for that virtual machine



Highlighted in yellow is the information on the disk relating to SCSI disk 2.

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