Okay so you want to move WordPress from either a Microsoft IIS server running Microsoft SQL to a Linux box running Apache and MySQL or the other way around? This seems like a daunting task (as I thought initially) but as I found, it is easier than once thought.

Existing WordPress Site

  1. Log into your existing WordPress site (as Admin)
  2. Click on Tools -> Export
  3. Click on “All content”
  4. Click on “Download Export File”
  5. Take a note of the users to import into the new WordPress site (if any)
  6. Copy all files in the ./wp-content/uploads folder

Importing Data to New WordPress Site

  1. Log into your new WordPress site (as Admin)
  2. Import users from notes of old WordPress site  (if any)
  3. Go to Tools -> Import
  4. Install the “WordPress Importer” from the list
  5. Activate and run the importer
  6. Map the authors from step 2 of importing
  7. Import the files into the WordPress folder ./wp-content/uploads

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