Best practice for a .locker scratch folder

VMware recommends that the ESXi has a persistent scratch location available for storing temporary data including logs, diagnostic information and system swap space however it is not a absolute requirement.

Persistent scratch space may be provisioned on a FAT 16, VMFS or NFS partition accessible by the phyiscal ESXi host.

Moving .locker scratch folder location

I found a “.locker” located on a 3.5 inch storage drive instead of residing on the local SSD storage so I decided to move it. It turns out there is a .locker folder for every physical host and is configured automatically when installing VMware ESXi based on what it considers “local storage”. The process is straight forward to relocate the .locker scratch folder, you just need to know the full naa path of the storage you wish to locate it to.

  • Log into the physical host by either SSH or directly from the physical ESX host console
cd /vmfs/volumes
ls -lash


  • This will display the drives and the full naa path of the disk, as example below. I have removed my own data for security reasons:ESX Disk Structure
  • Copy the 32 characters relating to the disk you want to store the scratch location on
mkdir /vmfs/volumes/%new-location-32-characters%/.locker
  • Open vSphere Client
  • Change view to Home -> Hosts and Clusters
  • Select physical host on left hand side
  • Select the configuration tab on the right hand side
  • Under “Software” click on “Advanced Settings”
  • Select “ScratchConfig” on the left hand side
  • Change the “ScrarchConfiguredScatchLocation to “/vmfs/volumes/<32characters>/.locker

Restart the physical host, don’t forget to remove the old “.locker” folder that isn’t being used anymore.

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4 Responses to “Change VMware ESX Scatch Config Location (.locker)”

  1. Irfan

    Hi.. after I change the location of ‘.locker’ and rebooting my host, when i go back to check the parameter, i found the parameter ‘ScrarchConfiguredScatchLocation’ back to blank..
    Please advice.


  2. Erik Hoffmann

    What is ScrarchConfiguredScatchLocation ?
    Do you mean ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation?
    Some type errors, hm?
    At least I didn’t found what you wrote…


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