ZyNOS is the proprietary operating system used on network devices made by the ZyXEL Communications Corporation, ZyXEL Communications Corporation first introduced ZyNOS in 1998.

A vulnerability exists with ZyNOS based routers (ZyXel, Netgear and TP-Link and maybe others) that can allow an attacker to download the rom-0 file and reverse engineer to retrieve the local admin password.

The Exploit

  1. Browse to http://targetip:8080/rpFWUpload.htmlrpFWUpload
  2. Download the ROM file
  3. Browse to Config Decompressor LZS
  4. Click on “Choose File” and click on “Upload rom-0”Zynos result

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12 Responses to “ZyNOS (ROM-0) Exploit”

  1. arman

    Hi. all I get is this:


    My router is TD-W8901G TP-LINK. version 3.

  2. omar

    hello i am using tp link td wn8591nd and i cant visit the page or download the rom i have new version of firmware but in my case i have v3 i dont know i can try with other but i think i can’t because i need firmware of zynos os something like that


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