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The Android-x86 Project has ported Android to the x86 platform, from ARM so now you can install it on your favorite virtualisation platform (in my case I will be using VMware but you can use others like Virtual Box etc).


1. A virtualisation platform (I will be using VMware in this example only)
2. A copy of Android-x86 bootable ISO (current version is 4.3)


1. Create a new virtual machine

2. The operating system will be Linux/Other 2.6 x86

3. I recommend using at least 512mb of RAM and a hard disk of 3GB or more using IDE and thick provisioned

4. Mount the ISO to the CDROM drive and ensure it is “connected”

5. Power on the virtual machine

Android Live CD Menu

6. Select “Installation – Install Android-x86 to harddisk”

7. Select “Create/Modify partitions

Android Create Partition

8. Select the right arrow to select “New”

Android Create Partition - New9. Select “Primary”

Android Create Partition - Primary10. Hit enter to allow maximum allocated sizeAndroid Create Partition - Size11. Hit enter on “Bootable” and make sure “Boot” comes up under “Flags” then move the arrow to the “Write” and hit enter

Android Create Partition - Bootable and Write12. Type “yes” and press enterAndroid Create Partition - Confirmation

13. Select “Quit” and select the new partition and press enterAndroid Install OS on new partition14. Select “Ext3” and confirm you want to format the partition

15. Select “Yes” to install GRUBAndroid Install GRUB

16. Select “Yes” to install /system as read writeAndroid Install Sytem Read Write

17. Select “Reboot” and unmount ISO from CDROM

Android Android Begin Setup Phone

18. Configuring the ethernet 0 adapter if DHCP is not available

adb shell
mount -o rw,remount /system
ifconfig eth0 ipaddress netmask
route add default gw yourgatewayip dev eth0
setprop net.eth0.dns1
setprop net.eth0.dns2

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