Managing your own DNS records with Bind9

What is DNS Server?

DNS, Domain Name System, is a system that resolves domain names eg: into an IP address and vice-versa.

Geographic Separation

If you are managing your domain DNS records for the public to use then you need to make sure the servers are geographically separated. I have a couple of small low cost VPS servers in Europe and America for this purpose, the one in Australia is my own statically IP assigned internet connection.



1. Update and upgrade repositories

2. Install Bind9 and Bind9 Utilities

3. Create a file called “named.conf.local” under /etc/bind

4. Paste the following into the file (change to the domain you are managing)

5. Make a folder to create the zone files

6. Create a zone file for your domain (change to the domain you are managing)

7. Paste the following into the zone file (change to the domain you are managing and the IP’s to the ones you use)

8. Rndc Reload

9. Restart Bind9


9. Check to ensure DNS is listening on UDP port 53

You should see something like:

Note: TCP Port 53 is used for zone transfers, UDP port 53 is used for DNS lookups

Check Zone File

10. To check the zone file, run the following command (change to your domain name)

Serial Number

Ensure you change the serial number every time you make a change to your zone file!

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