You are only as effective as the wordlist you use, over the years I have collected a fair few of them and will bring them to you all in one place.


10k_common.txt 82KB

2012commonpw.txt 1KB

All_Common_Router_Passwords.txt 3.3KB

commonpasswords.txt 3.3KB


AllPasswords.txt 58MB

dic.txt 8.6MB


darkc0de.txt 17MB

smalllist.txt 26MB

realhuman_phill.txt 683.2KB

rockyou.txt 133.4KB


pwgen-nontty.gz 118.7MB

pwgen-tty.gz 120.4MB

Wordlists-20031009.txt 613MB

Worst Passwords

500-worst-passwords.txt 3.4KB

I will add more as I get them.

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