I reinstalled my VMware ESX servers the other month and haven’t got around to setting the SNMP traps back up for Observium to use so I thought I’d make a quick article to show how it is done (as I had to look it up again).

1. Log into the console or shell to the box

2. Run the following command to set the trap name (Replace TRAPNAME with the community name you use)

esxcli system snmp set --communities TRAPNAME

2. Enable the trap

esxcli system snmp set --enable yes

3. Log into vSphere

4. Select the host

5. Select the configuration tab

6. Select Software -> Security Profile

7. Under Firewall, click properties

8. Find the SNMP Server under labelVMware ESX SNMP Server 1

9. Go into the options of the service

10. Change to “Start and stop with host”

11. Click on StartVMware ESX SNMP Server 2


Your traps should now be working

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