After rebooting my Citrix XenApp server,  I was presented with an error in the application event log for the Citrix application stating the following: “A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application. Check your worker group definitions and load balancing policies to verify appropriate servers are assigned”.


Details blanked out to protect the innocent

After doing a lot of Google searching, I came across a forum with someone with the same problem, to verify the issue I ran the following command:

qfarm /load

It gave me a result of “1000” which apparently isn’t right

So to resolve this issue you have to rebuild the perfmon counters, in my example I am using Microsoft Windows 2008

lodctr.exe /r

If you need to rebuild the counters for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, see this article here

Additionally, you will find a summary of what the qfarm values are here:

0 to 9998 = This is a normal range for the load manager
99999  = No load evaluator is configured
10000 = load is at 100 percent (full)
10000! = Application disabled for this server
10001 = Out of licenses
10002 = No ICA connections are available for that server
20000 = Incorrect server edition or a license mismatch
99990 = No permission to run qfarm

It fixed the problem for me, hopefully for you too.

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