I recently had to upgrade a Cisco router to a new firmware version, so I thought I’d write up a quick how-to guide.


  • Download the new flash version from Cisco (you need a valid Cisco login)
  • TFTP the firmware to the Cisco device
  • Connect to the Cisco device using a console cable (highly recommended!

1. Log into the router
2. Elevate to enable

3. Check to see if the flash is in the correct location

4. Enter configuration terminal

5. Disable current flash

6. Specify flash file

7. Exit out of configuration terminal

8. Display the version

If the last digit in the configuration register is 0 or 1 the n go to next step however if the last digit in the configuration register is between 2 and F then proceed to stepĀ 12

9. Enter configuration terminal

10. Run config-register command

11. Exit out of configuration terminal

12. Copy the running to startup

13. Restart the Cisco device

When prompted to save the configuration, enter no

When prompted to confirm and reload, enter yes

If the router reboots and then reboots again straight away, it has not worked and has reverted back to the last firmware version

If it simply reboots, log in and check the version

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