Collection #1

Collection #1 is almost two times larger than the previous largest credential exposure.

This is not just a list. It is an aggregated, interactive database that allows for fast (one second response) searches and new breach imports. Given the fact that people reuse passwords across their email, social media, e-commerce, banking and work accounts, hackers can automate account hijacking or account takeover.

The dump includes a file called “imported.log” with 256 corpuses listed, including and with added data from all those in the and Anti Public dumps as well as 133 addition or new breaches.


The data is structured in an alphabetic directory tree fragmented in 1,981 pieces to allow fast searches.


Although the majority of the Collection #1 breaches are known within the Breach and Hacker community, 14% of exposed username/passwords pairs had not previously been decrypted by the community and are now available in clear text.

This new breach adds 385 million new credential pairs318 million unique users, and 147 million passwords pertaining to those previous dumps.

Top Passwords

Original Source

Included in the source is “”. You can execute this to do a lookup for passwords on a particular email address.

Generate Wordlist

Word Count

breachcompilation.txt ==> 1 012 024 699 breachcompilation.txt


Remove Trailing Spaces


breachcompilation.sorted.txt ==> 384 153 427 breachcompilation.sorted.txt


breachcompilation.txt (8.7G)


This experience of searching and finding passwords within the collect #1 database is as scary as it is shocking. The best ways to get around this is use a password manager and create complex 12+ character long strings and rotate (at least your critical credentials) regularly.

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