Browse websites in a Linux terminal

I stumbled upon a package that allows the user to browse websites in a terminal, I thought I’d spin up a VM and try this for myself… Installing W3M This is very simple, requires one package (two if you want images displayed in Xterm)

Browsing Now this isn’t going to look pretty as it’s… Read more »

Rebuild locale on Linux

A quick note on how to rebuild Linux locale, you might get the following errors if your locale is broken:

To find out what locale is set, run the following:

Output should be something like this:

To rebuild the locale, run the following: (using en_AU.UTF-8 as an example)

Should you have… Read more »

How to set up a email server using Postfix, Dovecot and Roundcube on Linux Debian

Domain and Records Before you start anything, you need a domain. If you don’t have one, purchase one. Because it takes time to replicate the records, you need to start this processes first. You will need to create A records for the domain, I created the following: @ www mail smtp imap webmail I have… Read more »