How to Upgrade Cisco Flash Firmware Version

  I recently had to upgrade a Cisco router to a new firmware version, so I thought I’d write up a quick how-to guide. Prerequisites: Download the new flash version from Cisco (you need a valid Cisco login) TFTP the firmware to the Cisco device Connect to the Cisco device using a console cable (highly… Read more »

Using a Cisco router with Telstra FTTH Velocity Service

I recently got fibre to the home (FTTH) or as some other people like to call fibre to the premise (FTTP) thanks to Telstra and their Velocity service. Now is is quite straight forward, someone comes out and connect activates the ONT unit. In my case the fibre is terminated at the ONT unit and… Read more »

Basic Cisco Router Configuration

Assumptions The following is a list of assumptions, they don’t specifically have to be used and can be modified to suit your setup. Using “Dialer0” interface to connect to ISP Using CHAP for authentication Using DHCP IP assignment from ISP Using Google name servers Using standard MTU size (1452) Configuration Enable Terminal Monitoring enable terminal… Read more »

Cisco File Copy from Flash to TFTP

Assumptions: A working TFTP server No restrictions for UDP packets to be sent from Cisco device to TFTP server (port 69) Procedure: TFTP Server 1. Create a file on the TFTP server touch <filename> 2. Change the permissions chmod 777 <filename> Cisco Device 3. Copy the file from the Cisco device copy flash:<filename> tftp enter… Read more »