Mount Amazon S3 Bucket on Ubuntu

I wanted the ability to mount a S3 bucket straight onto my Linux server so I wouldn’t have to rely on local storage, I have a write up on how to do this: You can do this without installing FUSE just by installing s3fs but that only allows the user who mounted it to access… Read more »

Storing Backup Archives on Amazon Web Services Glacier Service (AWS)

At some point you might want to store your backups somewhere other than your home or office to give yourself more tolerance of a disaster wiping out your valuable data. I have personally tried and tested Amazon Web Services Glacier service and found it great for storing large volumes of data at a rate anyone… Read more »

Detect Heartbleed Vulnerability using Perl Script

Check to see if sites you access are still vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit (CVE-2014-0160) by running the following Perl script: 1. Create a file called and paste the following contents: 1a. Paste the following into 2. Run script Or download it here

Installing and Configuring Exim4 to Smarthost on Linux Debian or Ubuntu

1. Update source repositories 2. Install Exim4 3. Create and edit the following file location: 4. Add the following line example: 5. Create the following file 6. Add the following line 7. Reconfigure Exim4 7a. Select “mail sent by smarthost, no local mail” 8. Apply settings by resetting daemon 9. Test by sending a email… Read more »

Automatically Reboot VMware ESX Host after Purple Screen of Death (PSOD)

  The default and recommended setting is to leave the purple screen of death up to help you notice that the host has died and also leave the PSOD up to help troubleshoot the issue because on reboot you can loose your logs. 1. Shell (SSH) into the physical host or access the host directly… Read more »