Atlassian Backup to AWS S3

If you have a self hosted Atlassian suite (Bitbucket, Confluence or Jira) you might want to consider backing up the data to an external repository in-case your server crashes. Requirements: 1 x AWS S3 bucket AWS programmatic account that has access to the AWS S3 bucket AWS CLI installed on the Linux server and configured… Read more »

Nagios XI – Adding Microsoft Server Services via API

When automating server provisioning you might be considering implementing Nagios for monitoring servers and services as part of the build process. Apart from the help section of Nagios console giving some hints on how to interact with the API, there isn’t much else to go on so I’m sharing my learnings on how to do… Read more »

Powershell – The size limit for this request was exceeded

So this sounds easy he said – run me a report that gets all objects from a group based on certain attributes and export it to Microsoft Excel. No worries, I had that scripted for three groups to export to three different Excel files in under 10 minutes – until I ran it and came… Read more »

Blocking Postfix traffic using Fail2ban

So if you are reading this then you have probably seen what appears to be every bot in China connecting to your Postfix server to attempt anything from relaying to auth attacking. Well, have I got the solution for you! Now before you implement this, I will warn you, this is very restrictive, it doesn’t… Read more »

Automatically Upload Desktop, Documents and Downloads to Dropbox from your Mac

  If you would like to automatically upload your Desktop, Documents and Downloads automatically to your Dropbox from your Mac, follow this nice little trick: I will be using the “Documents” folder as an example: Open Terminal (Spotlight/Terminal) Change directory to your Dropbox folder (by default it is in the users home directory) Create the… Read more »

Fix resolution for VMware Fusion Unity

Fix resolution for VMware Fusion Unity This is for VMware Fusion version 7.1 however it might work *not tested with other versions. I’m just doing a quick write up about how to fix the annoying resolution problem when running applications in Unity on VMware Fusion. This issue just keeps coming back (after installing VMware Fusion)… Read more »

Creating a software RAID on Ubuntu/Debian

Creating a software raid of disks is quite easy in Ubuntu, I will assume the disks are attached (physically or virtually) to the guest operating system. Currently Ubuntu supports the following raid levels: RAID level 0 RAID level 1 RAID level 2 RAID level 3 RAID level 4 RAID level 5 RAID level 6 RAID level… Read more »

Limit SSH connections geographically

There is a real security risk to leaving your shell connection ports exposed to the internet especially if you don’t ever intend on connecting from Zimbabwe as well as other random countries. This can limit brute force attack exposure and also save valuable resources and bandwidth by rejecting a packets before a tcp handshake. Install… Read more »