Install MediaWiki on Apache with mySQL

From MediaWiki site:¬†MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. I decided to give MediaWiki a try as a scripts repository so I thought I’d write a quick guide of how to install it on a Linux/Apache/mySQL server. Assumptions A fully qualified domain name with a… Read more »

How to Install Curl into PHP5 and Apache

Curl is a library that lets your make HTTP requests in PHP. Most hosting providers have cURL installed already but if you have to install it on your self managed server with Apache and PHP5 installed, then follow this step by step process. 1. Install packages 2. Open php.ini and add extension (my php.ini file… Read more »

Migrating WordPress Between Platforms

Okay so you want to move WordPress from either a Microsoft IIS server running Microsoft SQL to a Linux box running Apache and MySQL or the other way around? This seems like a daunting task (as I thought initially)¬†but as I found, it is easier than once thought. Existing WordPress Site Log into your existing… Read more »

How to stress test websites with ApacheBench

How to stress test websites with ApacheBench Okay so you have a Microsoft IIS or Apache web server, you placed a website on it and want to know if it will “fall over” under load, well I have just the tool for that! ApacheBench (aka AB) is a stress testing tool part of Apache, it… Read more »