Fix resolution for VMware Fusion Unity

Fix resolution for VMware Fusion Unity This is for VMware Fusion version 7.1 however it might work *not tested with other versions. I’m just doing a quick write up about how to fix the annoying resolution problem when running applications in Unity on VMware Fusion. This issue just keeps coming back (after installing VMware Fusion)… Read more »

Automatically Reboot VMware ESX Host after Purple Screen of Death (PSOD)

  The default and recommended setting is to leave the purple screen of death up to help you notice that the host has died and also leave the PSOD up to help troubleshoot the issue because on reboot you can loose your logs. 1. Shell (SSH) into the physical host or access the host directly… Read more »

Install VMTools for Ubuntu or Debian using Bash Scripts

If you are looking to install VMware VMTools on multiple Ubuntu or Debian Linux servers and don’t feel like typing commands all day then you can run this bash script to install it automatically so long as you are willing to accept all defaults. 1. Mount VMtools 2. Create script folder 3. Create scripting file… Read more »

Openfiler Syslog Errors “iscsi_trgt”

I have Openfiler 2.99.2 running on VMware ESX 5.1 and noticed syslog errors – month day 00:00:00 openfiler kernel: [45189.253028] iscsi_trgt: scsi_cmnd_start(1035) Unsupported 93 month day 00:00:00 openfiler kernel: [45189.253102] iscsi_trgt: cmnd_skip_pdu(457) 1a2e0d00 1c 93 512 month day 00:00:00 openfiler kernel: [45488.730405] iscsi_trgt: scsi_cmnd_start(1035) Unsupported 93 month day 00:00:00 openfiler kernel: [45488.730476] iscsi_trgt: cmnd_skip_pdu(457) 88d0e00 1c 93 512… Read more »

Your Own Cloud Managed Storage with Owncloud on VMware ESX

ownCloud is a free and open-source web application for data synchronisation, file sharing and remote storage of documents (cloud storage). ownCloud is written in PHP and javascript languages This is a great alternative to the other storage based cloud solutions as it is a “fully manage yourself” solution. As long as you trust the host… Read more »

Change VMware ESX Scatch Config Location (.locker)

Best practice for a .locker scratch folder VMware recommends that the ESXi has a persistent scratch location available for storing temporary data including logs, diagnostic information and system swap space however it is not a absolute requirement. Persistent scratch space may be provisioned on a FAT 16, VMFS or NFS partition accessible by the phyiscal… Read more »

Restarting Management Agents on ESX Physical Hosts

Management services on physical hosts that are running VMware ESX can fail causing the following results: You cannot connect ESX/ESXi to VirtualCenter /vCenter Server You cannot connect directly to the ESX/ESXi host from the VMware Infrastructure Client / vSphere Client You cannot stop or start a virtual machine A virtual machine is shown as running… Read more »