Secure Administrator account in Active Directory

Securing the Administrator account in Active Directory You may be thinking this should be common knowledge but time and time again I see directories with the Administrator account still in the “Domain Admins” group and active! Before you do this, ensure you are not using the domain administrator account for authenticating! I always follow a… Read more »

Install phpLDAPadmin on Debian Squeeze

This tutorial will show you how you can set up an LDAP and web interface to manage LDAP (Active Directory) server on Debian (Squeeze). phpLDAPadmin url: Screenshots of phpLDAPadmin: Server name: Domain name: Server IP: Run commands without the “#” for them to work! Make sure the server is up… Read more »

Remove Protection Against Accidental Organizational Unit Deletion

Open “Active Directory Users and Computers” Click “View” and then click “Advanced Features” Right click the OU and click “Properties” In the OU properties, Click on the “Security” tab and then click “Advanced” In “Permission Entries”, select the “Deny” entry for “Everyone” group, and click “Remove” Click “OK” to the close the “Advanced Security Settings”,… Read more »