Putty Command Line Switches

I’ve put together a few common command line switches as a reference as they seem to be hard to come by on the internet currently. Download the latest version of Putty from here Specify Login -l Specify Password -pw: Specify Port Number -P Specify and Turn on X11 Forwarding -X -x:localhost:0 Specify SSH Private Key… Read more »

Microsoft 2008 R2 Server (Core) Inital Setup Commands

SCONFIG Some options can be set using the “sconfig” command Install VM Tools (if virtualised) Initiate installing VMTools from vSphere console Run through installation instructions Configure Network netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces (take note of Idx number) netsh interface ipv4 set address name=”Idx” source=static address=10.54.10.%% mask= gateway= netsh interace ipv4 add dnsserver name=”Idx” address= index=1… Read more »