Your Own Cloud Managed Storage with Owncloud on VMware ESX

ownCloud is a free and open-source web application for data synchronisation, file sharing and remote storage of documents (cloud storage). ownCloud is written in PHP and javascript languages This is a great alternative to the other storage based cloud solutions as it is a “fully manage yourself” solution. As long as you trust the host… Read more »

How to mount cifs file systems in Linux

Step by step guide on mount file systems in Linux distributions File systems hosted on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows are accessible on the Linux and Unix platform by simply using the mount command. Mounting The procedure requires elevated privileges and a minimum of read access to the share you are connecting to. mkdir… Read more »

How to break WPA2 key with Reaver WPS Attack

How to break WPA2 key with Reaver WPS Attack When routers are enabled with WPS (aka Wi-Fi Protected)¬†they are anything but “protected”, the way WPS works is by a eight digit key exchange between device and router. The key exchange is not encrypted and can be “brute forced” exposing the WPA or WPA2 wireless encryption… Read more »