WordPress Security Keys

Using strong security keys is an important part of securing WordPress against external attack. WordPress security Keys refer to four authentication keys and four hashing salts (random bits of data) that work to add an extra layer of security to your cookies and password. The security keys are defined in your WordPress configuration file aka… Read more »

Key-based SSH Login Authentication on Linux with Putty

This guide describes how to generate a private and public key pair to log into a Linux server over SSH using Putty. Using key based exchange allows you to disable the normal username and password authentication procedure which increases security and removes the ability to brute force logins to the server. Putty & Utilities First… Read more »

Setting up BackTrack 5 R3

Setting up BackTrack 5 R3 Out of the box you might find that BackTrack 5 doesn’t give you some basic services, this is just a quick note on how to make things work. Run all commands without the “#” Update Packages #apt-get update #apt-get upgrade Enable SSH Keys Generate SSH Keys #sshd-generate AutoStart SSH #update-rc.d… Read more »