Citrix XenApp – Present Linux Applications To Users

Citrix XenApp – Present Linux Applications Why stop at virtualising your Microsoft applications and expand it to Linux? That’s what I asked myself before working out how to present Linux applications (in particular Kali Linux tools), I couldn’t find any guidance on the interwebz about it and certainly didn’t see any write ups from Citrix… Read more »

Putty Command Line Switches

I’ve put together a few common command line switches as a reference as they seem to be hard to come by on the internet currently. Download the latest version of Putty from here Specify Login -l Specify Password -pw: Specify Port Number -P Specify and Turn on X11 Forwarding -X -x:localhost:0 Specify SSH Private Key… Read more »

Key-based SSH Login Authentication on Linux with Putty

This guide describes how to generate a private and public key pair to log into a Linux server over SSH using Putty. Using key based exchange allows you to disable the normal username and password authentication procedure which increases security and removes the ability to brute force logins to the server. Putty & Utilities First… Read more »

Bypassing Firewalls and Proxies from Work

Okay, so for whatever reason you want to bypass your companies firewall to browse websites without being limited by what you can see. Some companies offer “alternative” access and some are super tight (only allowing news, company and a few other selected websites).This will allow you to connect to anything! If you are hosting services… Read more »