A Collection of Wordlists

You are only as effective as the wordlist you use, over the years I have collected a fair few of them and will bring them to you all in one place. Common 10k_common.txt 82KB 2012commonpw.txt 1KB All_Common_Router_Passwords.txt 3.3KB commonpasswords.txt 3.3KB Random AllPasswords.txt 58MB dic.txt 8.6MB largelist.txt darkc0de.txt 17MB smalllist.txt 26MB realhuman_phill.txt 683.2KB rockyou.txt 133.4KB Openwall pwgen-nontty.gz 118.7MB pwgen-tty.gz 120.4MB Wordlists-20031009.txt… Read more »

Basic Cisco Router Configuration

Assumptions The following is a list of assumptions, they don’t specifically have to be used and can be modified to suit your setup. Using “Dialer0” interface to connect to ISP Using CHAP for authentication Using DHCP IP assignment from ISP Using Google name servers Using standard MTU size (1452) Configuration Enable Terminal Monitoring enable terminal… Read more »

Reset a Cisco Router to Factory Default Settings

There are currently two ways to reset a Cisco router or switch to factory default. Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/iosswrel/ps5187/products_tech_note09186a00802017a1.shtml Method 1 This method uses the config-register 0x2102 command in global configuration mode. enable configure terminal config-register 0x2102 end write erase reload <do not save> Method 2 This method uses the config-register 0x2142 command in global configuration mode. enable… Read more »