Install VMTools for Ubuntu or Debian using Bash Scripts

If you are looking to install VMware VMTools on multiple Ubuntu or Debian Linux servers and don’t feel like typing commands all day then you can run this bash script to install it automatically so long as you are willing to accept all defaults. 1. Mount VMtools 2. Create script folder mkdir -p /scripts 3…. Read more »

How to Install VMware Tools on Openfiler 2.99

  1. Shell into the Openfiler server 2. Make a directory to mount VMtools mkdir -p /mnt/vmtools 3. Start the VMware installation from the vSphere client 4. Mount the VMware tools to the directory created in step 2 mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/vmtools 5. Copy the tar of the tools to the /tmp folder cp /mnt/vmtools/*.tar.gz /tmp… Read more »